Friendship Made Easy in your 50s

I tried something new

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Yesterday, I embraced a return to childlike playfulness, spending an afternoon with a friend after a spontaneous invitation to 'scrapbook'.

It's not my thing, but I thought, why not?! Try something new, and spend quality time with a friend to boot.

As someone who's usually laser-focused on juggling multiple tasks, it was a refreshing change and a rare opportunity to 'just be' without the constant need 'to do'.

And it was the perfect chance to deepen a friendship with one-on-one time, a step often overlooked by many but crucial for progressing and nurturing friendships.

(Group settings, while enjoyable, often limit the depth of connection that can be achieved).

I also said yes because my intention this year is to cultivate strong, close friendships, which requires putting in the effort and showing up.

After all, how we show up in our friendships today shapes how they'll look tomorrow (as with most everything in life).

Every conversation can be a connection-generating experience, especially when "plugged in" to the present. And plugged in, I was - and invested.

Surrounded by a sea of 'pick me' stickers, I couldn't resist 'doing' (rather than art for art's sake) and created a vision board. So much fun!

"The best things are said when we don't exchange words; we just exchange space." Jonathan Gravenor

When it comes to connecting with others, less is often more.

It turned out to be a mindful and enriching experience - much more than I expected, uplifted in the company of a fellow stationery enthusiast and buoyed from using both the heart and hands in the creative pursuit of personal growth and reflection.

Moments like these remind us to slow down, enjoy life's simple pleasures, and grab any opportunity to nurture connections wherever they may appear.

Friendship Made Easy in your 50s

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